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Benefits of GMP Smart Power

GMP Smart Power is here today, and ready for you to start taking advantage of all of the benefits it affords you. Through our online portal, you can not only manage your account and view your bill, but you can better understand how you use electricity by viewing your consumption on a yearly, daily, and hourly basis. Watch the video below to learn more about what you can do with GMP Smart Power right now.

Why a “smart” grid is better than an average grid.

A smarter grid benefits everyone. For GMP, it means we can reduce how often outages occur and how long they last. This helps us make better use of resources to keep costs down for you. It also means we can bring renewable energy sources online more easily, reducing the need for fossil fuels.

For you, GMP Smart Power means choice. You have more information about your electricity use and new tools that help you make better decisions about your electricity use. That information can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

For the environment, it offers a change for the better. GMP Smart Power shows us how to use electricity more efficiently, and helps us incorporate more renewable energy sources into our mix and reduce our need for fossil fuel–based energy.

Everything is more efficient
With the traditional grid and analog meters, electricity usage information has only been available on a monthly basis, making it difficult for everyone to identify opportunities for energy efficiency or conservation. GMP Smart Power changes this entirely. The new technology provides more information and tools to empower you to take control of your energy use. By using energy more efficiently, you can be part of the solution by lowering demand and reducing air pollution associated with energy generation. You can also save some money.

Dealing with, and preventing, outages
Vermont’s rugged natural environment is excellent for all sorts of wonderful outdoor activities. It also means that, even with our reliable electric system, there are unplanned outages from time to time. This is where GMP Smart Power can help save the day. The technology that’s been integrated into the system will help us detect outages sooner, which means the restoration of service can begin sooner and we can work more quickly. When problems do occur, we can use GMP Smart Power to minimize the impacts by isolating the affected areas and, in some cases, reroute power through automation or remote operation. All of which is really cool – and could mean fewer and shorter outages.

Improved, consistent service
Have you ever woken up to a blinking clock and realized that not only was there an interruption in your electricity service, but that you’re very late for work? These interruptions can disrupt your digital electronics and equipment, even when it’s impossible to notice something went wrong. While at home, it may mean resetting your clock (and showing up late to work), but for a manufacturer it could mean hours of production lost over a tiny interruption or fluctuation in power. GMP Smart Power helps to change that. While it can’t prevent every single outage or interruption, it does maintain a more consistent power quality to meet the needs of digital technology. Which means you’ll be able to get to work on time after all. 

Preventing large-scale blackouts
The U.S. has experienced five massive blackouts in the past 40 years, three of them within the last 10 years. Estimated costs from power failures run into the tens of billions, with wide-ranging impacts including halted plant production, food spoilage, traffic-light failures, and interrupted credit card transactions. Smart-grid technologies help prevent these kinds of large-scale events by detecting and isolating outages before they become rolling blackouts. A smart grid can also help ensure that service is restored quickly and strategically to emergency services.

It’s not just about us
The environment gets a big helping hand from the integration of smart-grid technologies. A smarter grid allows for better integration of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. As more renewable projects throughout the state come online, grid management will become more complex. GMP Smart Power enables operators to manage that complexity, making the most out of the investments made in renewables.

Reducing peak electricity demand
Energy sources used during peak demand tend to produce higher emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. They also cost you, and us, more money. GMP Smart Power can’t eliminate those emissions, but it can help customers reduce their energy use during peak periods when electricity is more expensive and more polluting. New rate options will provide incentives to you when you use less energy during peak periods.

Zooming around with less (or no) exhaust
Cars are a significant source of carbon emissions and air pollution. Electric cars are playing an increasingly significant role in reducing transportation-related pollution. As the transportation sector is powered more by electricity, a smarter grid can better integrate electric vehicles into the grid.

The word on the street
As you can imagine, we’re not the only utility that has updated the grid. All over the country, and the world, companies and governments are updating their electric systems. Head over to our Resources page for a full list of places where you can learn more about the technology being used. Also, check out our Health and Privacy pages for information about privacy and health.

Opt out
If, after reading about all of the benefits and opportunities above, you would still like to opt out of GMP Smart Power, you are free to do so. For those who do choose to opt out, you must call the Customer Care Center to let us know.