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GMP Smart Power Overview

For most of us, not much thought goes into “the grid” as long as the light comes on when we flip the switch. Luckily, there is a group of people whose job it is to think about the grid: us. We updated the power grid all of us currently use with the latest in digital technology to increase efficiencies, bring new sources of renewable energy online, create a more reliable system, and provide you with more information about your energy usage with your online account. In this section, we’d like to share with you what it is we did, and why.

Welcome To GMP Smart Power 

Demand on our electric grid is estimated to triple by 2050. That has the potential to create a lot of problems for all of us. Our solution is GMP Smart Power, an incredibly efficient system that responds to changes in demand in real time, reduces the growing infrastructure burden, and will provide you with more opportunities to save money. For more on how this upgrade benefits us all, take a look at the video below.



The Benefits of GMP Smart Power

GMP Smart Power is here today, and ready for you to start taking advantage of all of the benefits it affords you. Through our online portal, you can not only manage your account and view your bill, but you can better understand how you use electricity by viewing your consumption on a yearly, daily, and hourly basis. Watch the video below to learn more about what you can do with GMP Smart Power right now.



The Future of GMP Smart Power

The best part of GMP Smart Power is that this initial upgrade to our power grid is only the beginning. As we continue to add features to our online portal, incorporate more rate choices to help you save money, and as new technology is developed and integrated into the grid, we will all become more efficient electricity consumers. The video below has more on the exciting future of GMP Smart Power.



Your Health and Privacy

Your health and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. If you have any concerns or questions regarding privacy and security issues, please see our Contact Us page where you can submit questions.

Opt Out

If, for whatever reason, you would like to opt out of the GMP Smart Power program, you are free to do so. Before deciding whether you should, we suggest you continue to learn about the GMP Smart Power program, including all of the Benefits of upgrading the grid, as well as what others have said about the smart grid. For those who do choose to opt out, you must call Customer Service to let us know.