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Station Installation Guidelines

All the need-to-knows about installing a charging station.

Want to play an even bigger role in supporting electric vehicle adoption? You’ve come to the right page. This section is dedicated to help you become more informed about some of the guidelines for installing a charging station, public or otherwise. Whether you are a consumer, business, or community decision-maker, everyone is encouraged to play a role. To begin, let’s identify what makes for a good location for an electric vehicle charging system:

  • Single EV charging stations must be allowed under existing permits and conditional uses
  • Include or count EV parking spots in the parking requirements rather than in addition to the parking requirements
  • Locate units near the building, near an electrical source and accessible building entrances
  • Locate the charging station and any improvements or upgrades in a way that does not impede pedestrian access (e.g. cord running across sidewalk)
  • Consider lighting if night time access or use is anticipated
  • Design the charging system in consideration of its principle use
  • Curbing, tire stops, or bollards should be installed to protect the charging station unit
  • Signage to make the first unit exclusive to plug-in vehicles
  • First charging station should be easily accessible and handicap accessible
  • Consider installing an additional conduit for future charging stations

Where to install an electric vehicle charging station
Not every business or building is an ideal location for a charging station. Most are, though. Parking lots and garages, municipal buildings (like the DMV), park and ride facilities, hospitals, banks, courthouses, apartment buildings, and really any establishment where people are typically away from their cars for more than a few minutes is worth consideration. To help you figure out where some of the more ideal locations might be, here is a map showing electric vehicles in Vermont, by zipcode.

Vermont gets plug-in ready
Understanding usage patterns and providing this information to other Vermont parties interested in electric transportation is an important part of our pilot project. The GMP Plug’N Go charging system is metered, and GMP will receive monthly reports indicating frequency, duration of usage, and kWh electricity used. Several Vermont entities will play a role in continuing to explore ways to encourage electric vehicle adoption in Vermont.