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Choose to support renewable energy.

You can choose to support local Vermont renewable energy with GreenerGMP. Green Mountain Power uses Vermont resources to supply GreenerGMP purchases. In this way your participation in GreenerGMP increases the portion of GMP's power supply mix that is obtained from new Vermont renewable sources. Your purchases from GreenerGMP support energy made from local cows, water, wind, trash, wood and the sun.

  • Residential customers can choose to have Green Mountain Power designate renewable resources equal to 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent or even 100 percent of your monthly use.
  • Commercial customers can choose to have Green Mountain Power designate renewable resources equal to any multiple of 10 percent of your monthly use.
  • The additional premium for GreenerGMP is three cents per kilowatthour (subject to change, if approved by the Public Service Board).

The chart below shows the relatively low cost of receiving renewable energy. Shown here is a sample of what residential bills are now at three different usage levels, and then what the additional premium would be under GreenerGMP.
Remember, your actual use varies month to month, so the total monthly charge for GreenerGMP would vary as well. 

                  Sample charges for residential customers: (*rates in effect as of 10-1-15)

                                               Monthly kwh usage charges under GMP Rate 01

                                               500kwh          750 kwh          1000 kwh

                                              $86.67             $123.55           $160.43

                        Additional monthly charge for Greener GMP @ 3 cents per kwh

                                                500kwh          750 kwh          1000 kwh

25% level                                $3.75               $5.63               $7.50

50% level                                $7.50               $11.25             $15.00

75% level                                $11.25             $16.88             $22.50

100% level                              $15.00             $22.50             $30.00

To enroll in GreenerGMP, fill out the online form below, contact the Customer Information Center by calling 1-888-835-4672, or download the Enrollment Form and send it to us. Unless your request is made on or about the time your regular bill is issued, voluntary renewable service will take effect during the next regular billing cycle. 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Green Mountain Power will purchase certified renewable resources from Vermont projects equal to the portion of my usage I have designated.
  2. I will pay an additional amount of 3 cents per kilowatthour above and beyond the Green Mountain Power tariff residential rate in effect. This premium is subject to change, with notice.
  3. I understand I may withdraw at any time by notifying Green Mountain Power at or calling 1-888-TEL-GMPC.
  4. I understand that eligibility is limited to customers with an account that is current and who have paid all Green Mountain Power charges for electric service during the previous six billing months on time.
  5. I understand that if I do not pay my Green Mountain Power bill within 64 days of the date of the bill I will be removed from the GreenerGMP program. I understand I will be responsible for all charges accrued while I am on the rate.
  6. GreenerGMP will go into effect after my next meter reading.
  7. I understand that signing up for GreenerGMP does not change the electrons that provide service to my home. Due to the complexity of the power grid and the laws of physics, actual electrons flow to the nearest need and cannot be directed to specific locations. I recognize that through GreenerGMP I am financially supporting qualifying new renewable energy sources in Vermont, but not necessarily directly to my home.