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Green Mountain Power

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For Vermont farmers, the environment, and our noses.

It’s easy to incorporate more renewable sources of energy into your mix. To enroll in GMP Cow Power, fill out the online form below, contact the Customer Information Center by calling 1-888-835-4672, or download the Enrollment Form and send it to us. Unless your request is made on or about the time your regular bill is issued, voluntary renewable service will take effect during the next regular billing cycle.

GMP Cow Power helps Vermont farmers
For every kilowatt-hour requested by customers and provided by a Vermont farm, GMP will pay the farmer for the energy, plus the Cow Power charge of four cents for the environmental benefits of the generation. If there aren’t enough kilowatt-hours available from participating GMP farms, GMP will try to acquire and retire Renewable Energy Certificates from other regional renewable generation sources, issued by the regional system operator, to support renewable generation in a broader sense. If there are no certificates available in the regional market for four cents per kilowatt-hour or less, the company will deposit Cow Power payments into the GMP Renewable Development Fund. This fund, overseen by an independent board, will provide incentives to farmers to become involved or increase electricity output into the Cow Power program. GMP does not profit from the program.

I authorize and instruct Green Mountain Power to enroll my account(s) in GMP Cow Power™, and to bill me for this service rider. I understand that GMP Cow Power™ is a voluntary service rider, and that I will pay an additional charge of 4 cents per kilowatt-hour for my participation. I understand that I may decide to discontinue my participation in GMP Cow Power™ at any time, and that I must notify GMP of that decision.

The actual electricity delivered by the company under this rate will be indistinguishable from the electricity otherwise supplied by the company because it is impossible to track the flow of specific electrons on the regional electric power grid. This is unavoidable because all customers are served through the same transmission and distribution system. GMP Cow Power™ is designed to assure that customer charges go to pay for qualifying Renewable Energy Certificates first from Vermont farm producers; second for tradable certificates from qualifying renewable sources as certified by Massachusetts and Connecticut; or third, are made to the GMP Renewable Development Fund to provide incentives for Vermont farm generation development in accordance with the terms and conditions of this rider as approved by state regulators.

By filling out this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this form and its contents in their entirety.