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Customer-Owned Generation and Distributed Resources

Do you want to generate your own electricity? 

If you're a Green Mountain Power customer looking for information about interconnecting your own generation to the grid, you've come to the right place. After reviewing the resources outlined below, please contact our team directly at or call 802.770.3399 if you need further assistance.

There are several choices when considering interconnecting your generation source. The easiest way to separate them is by size as well as how you'll be compensated for the power you produce.

Net Metering - You are the Grid

"Net Metering" is the term used to describe how Vermonters can generate their own electricity and send what they don't use back onto the grid. If a net metered customer uses more electricity than is generated, the customer will pay the utility only for the difference. If the system generates more electricity than the customer used in a month, Green Mountain Power records a credit towards the customer's next bill. However, net metering is intended to allow customers to generate enough for their own use, but not to exceed their own use. Excess net metering credits that are more than one year old will expire. 

SPEED Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)

The Vermont SPEED (Sunstainability Priced Energy Enterprise Development) Program was enacted in 2005. Vermont Electrical Power Producers, INC. (VEPPI) is the SPEED facilitator in the State of Vermont. To coordinate a Feed in Tarriff PPA as a revenue source for your project, check out their website

Direct Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) with Green Mountain Power

If you are considering a PPA for your project, we suggest you check out your options with the Feed in Tarriff at VEPPI first. In some cases though, if the location and other factors are interesting to Green Mountain Power, we will consider a PPA with you directly. If this is something you are interested in, contact our team at or 802.353-0914.

Group Net Metering

Allocation Changes - You can use your net metering credits before they expire by either creating a group or adding members to your existing group. Adding members to an existing group is as simple as the group designee notifying GMP of new members and allocations by sending an email to Allocation changes will take effect within 30 days. Changes can be made up to 4 times in a calendar year.

How to Form a Group - You can create a new group by submitting section 7 of the application (for projects between 15 KW and 150 KW) or the group section of the registration form (for projects below 15KW) to all required recipients. To send a copy to GMP you can send to or mail to:
Green Mountain Power
2152 Post Road, Rutland, VT 05701
c/o Distributed Resources

  • The State of Vermont allows net metering for renewable generation projects 500KW and smaller. Read the draft version of the most recent net metering law here.

State Governance

Net Metered Interconnection Application Queue


  • Net Metering Application Form 

    Eligibility - You may apply for the following types of systems using this form:

    • Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems with a capacity of greater than 15 kW and up to and including 50 kW; and
    • Non-photovoltaic and non hydroelectric systems with a capacity of up to and including 50 kW.
  • Net Metering Registration Form 

    Eligibility - You may register the following types of systems using this form:

    • Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 15kW or less,
    • Roof-mounted photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 500 kW or less, and 
    • Hydroelectric facilities with a capacity of 500 kW or less.
  • Rule 5.500 Standard Application Form 

    Eligibility - You may apply for the following types of systems using this form:
    • Non net metered systems with a capacity greater than 150kW,
    • Net metered, ground mounted photovoltaic systems with a capacity greater than 50kW,
    • Net metered systems using technology other than photovoltaic that are not eligible to use the Net Metering Form or Net Metering Registration Form listed above.

Applications must be submitted to the PSB clerk as well as to GMP. Your GMP copy can be submitted by email to, entered online at the GMP application Submittal App or mailed to:
Green Mountain Power
2152 Post Road, Rutland, VT 05701
c/o Distributed Resources.


GMP Requirements

Looking for a contractor or installer?

Check out Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) at or 802.229.0099. REV is a nonprofit, nonpartisan trade assosciation representing nearly 300 businesses, individuals, colleges and others committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and expanding the availability of renewable sources of power in Vermont.

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